My name is Daniel and I work as a software engineer for Squarespace in New York City. I was born in Denmark, grew up in Los Angeles, and spent time living in Shanghai and Austin as well.

I started this website out of the frustration I have with planning my holidays. I enjoy traveling to more adventurous destinations but I do not the luxury of time most backpackers have to figure out the local travel details during the trip. As a working professional, it is always a struggle to explore the world while maximizing short vacation time.

My guides are written with time in mind. The number of days in my guides are my recommendation on the minimum time to spend in each place to fully immerse in the local culture, see the tourist attractions, and explore the regional flavors. These guides are geared towards budget travelers with an emphasis on staying at hostels, meeting new people, eating street food, and avoiding private transportation when possible. I will occasionally make note of worthwhile and costlier experiences.

I hope my site will help you on your journey.